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To receive your personalised Nutrient Optimiser report please:

  1. Log your food in Cron-o-meter (via the free web interface or app),
  2. Make a payment via PayPal using the links below:
  3. Complete the application form below.


Once completed, you will receive a draft copy of your report via email and have the opportunity to ask questions and request further clarification before your personalised report is finalised.


Where to from here?

  1. Read the Nutrient Optimiser frequently asked questions for more detail.
  2. Check out the leaderboard to see what it takes to make it to the top.
  3. Watch and listen over at the media page to presentations and interviews explaining the Nutrient Optimiser.
  4. Join the Marty Kendall’s Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group share the journey.
  5. Check out the example reports to see how the Nutrient Optimiser has helped others.
  6. Read all the posts over at Optimising Nutrition blog that have been integrated into the Nutrient Optimiser multi-criteria algorithm.


Disclaimer and legal notice

Your use of the information in the report is subject to the limitation of liability and provided under the following conditions:

  1. Optimising Nutrition is not a medical or registered dietetic practitioner.  Hence the Nutrient Optimiser reports do not constitute medical or dietetic advice.
  2. The Nutrient Optimiser algorithms rely on third party information and systems (in particular and the USDA Foods database). We are not responsible for any error, malfunction, or problem arising from those systems.
  3. Consuming new foods may require adjustment of medications (e.g. insulin or metformin). All medication adjustments must be made with the consultation of a medical professional.
  4. You may be allergic to any of the foods in the lists provided.   You should pay attention to how you feel if consuming new foods and discontinue a food if you feel adverse symptoms.
  5. You may decide to take supplements if our micronutrient report shows that you are deficient.  Such decisions should be made in consultation with a medical professional.
  6. We rely on widely recognised recommended daily intakes set by third parties. These intakes may not be correct for you and in particular, our service is ‘open loop’ so that even with adequate intake you may malabsorb nutrients and still be deficient. Prior to changing your diet you may wish to close the loop’ by testing your nutrient levels before and after any dietary change to ensure you are meeting your nutritional requirements.
  7. If you paid a reduced rate for this service on condition that we may publicise your results, you give us the right to do as we detailed to you upon sign up or in writing thereafter.
  8. All reports remain copyright by Marty Kendall. You may use the information to inform your dietary decisions and may publicise the information as agreed with Marty Kendall.
  9. The Nutrient Optimiser algoythm and its reports are product & service prototypes under development.  Marty Kendall retains all intellectual property rights except as explicitly granted to you in writing.