Take the guesswork out of optimising nutrition in just four weeks

Here's what you get for free during these four weeks:

  • Full Nutrient Fingerprint Analysis to identify your nutritional gaps and what you need to do to address them.
  • Facebook Live Sessions to help you stay on track
  • Supportive Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group of people just like you where you can ask questions and share your journey.
  • Optimized recipes and food lists designed to maximize nutrients that you are missing and reduce hunger.
  • Smart Macros system adjusts as you progress through the challenge. No more one-size fits all macros.
  • Nutrition Challenges are designed to progressively nudge you to implement good nutrition habits on daily basis.

BONUSES (expire in 48 hours)

  • Meal plan template. We'll tell you what meals to eat each week to maximize your results.
  • Free Premier accountability. We will personally make sure you stay on track and stick to the program.

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Hear What People Say About Nutrient Optimiser

“Seriously, this stuff is amazing! You guys with an engineering background are dismantling the bullshit in a stunning fashion. You have picked up the torch and have just taken it to amazing places.”

Robb Wolf, NYT bestselling author 

“You guys have created food lists that ensure you get the most nutrient dense foods for your particular situation, from fat loss for diabetics to nutrient density for insomniacs and pregnancy. It's genius! No weighing or measuring, no meal timing, no stress.”

Paul Burgess, CEO at Athletic Nutrition 

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