example reports

Included below are some example reports to show how the Nutrient Optimiser works in practice.

“Your reports are absolutely unique!  No one is looking at nutrient density like Marty does.”

Jeffry Gerber, Denver’s Diet Doctor


Briana Theroux-Hulsey


Briana is very intentional about her nutrition.  Her analysis comes in at number #2 on the leaderboard.  Check out her nutritional analysis here or to see what Briana’s food looks like in pictures click .

David Haughton


David is following plant-based energy-restricted while he is dieting.  He needs to supplement with B-12 and vitamin D, however, the nutritional analysis indicates he scores well in terms of essential nutrients per calorie.  Check out David’s full analysis here.

2017-03-19 (18).png

Terry Palmer

2017-03-19 (21).png

Although not diabetic, Terry is following a low-carb diet and is looking to improve his nutrient density and maybe incorporate some legumes to support his endurance activities.  Check out his full nutritional analysis here.

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Franziska Spritzler


Ever wonder what THE Low Carb Dietitian eats?  Check out her full report here.

2017-03-11 (10).png

2017-03-11 (9).png


Amy follows a very intentional zero carb diet to manage a number of long-standing health issues.    The high level of organ meats in her diet gives her a fantastic amount of a number of nutrients, however, she has been benefiting greatly from supplementing with minerals and wheatgrass recently to fill in a few of the nutrients that are harder to get on a zero carb approach.  Check out Amy’s full nutritional analysis here.

2017-03-19 (22).png



Patrick has lost 20kg following a high-fat ketogenic diet.  However, in view of the fact that his blood glucose levels are already optimal, the Nutrient Optimiser algorithm suggests that the transition towards more nutrient-dense foods with less dietary fat foods in order to provide the essential nutrients he needs in his body fat loss phase.  Check out Patrick’s full report here.

2017-03-12 (21).png

2017-03-13 (3).png



Robin has struggled with a range of health conditions from an early age, including diabetes (250 units per day of insulin and a HbA1c of up to 11.1%) and obesity.  Robin has had previous success on low carb approach but has “fallen off the wagon” recently.  In this first report, Robin has logged her current diet, including soda and fast food, as a baseline.  The Nutrient Optimiser clearly differentiates the nutrient poor insulinogenic junk food from the more nutrient dense diabetes friendly foods.  In the initial stage, the Nutrient Optimiser algorithm has suggested low carb foods that will help her stabilise her blood glucose and insulin levels.    As her blood glucose levels stabilise we will focus more on increasing nutrient density.  Check out Robin’s first report here.

I held my mother as she died in my arms last summer from diabetic kidney disease. She intentionally chose to die instead of putting down the convenience foods.  She refused to go on dialysis so I got to care for her while she worked on dying. Believe me, I’m here because I do not want to be her mini-me any longer.

16998958_10154311468325544_1396296594129643624_n (1).jpg

After a few tough days of transition Robin doing really well!



Dave’s interest in nutrition was sparked after he had a heart attack at a young age which he attributes to a high stress job and an inflammatory diet.  Considering his early health issues, he is motivated to manage stress and maximise the quality of his nutrition going forward.  In this first round of Dave’s nutritional analysis, we focus on balancing his nutrient density.  Check out Dave’s first report here.  2017-03-09 (2).png



Ruth has been using a ketogenic dietary approach to manage her Type 1 Diabetes and her partner’s epilepsy.  Ruth needs a lower insulin load diet while still maximising nutrient density as much as possible.  Ruth’s  current HbA1c is 4.7% or 28 mmol/mol which is excellent and has improved since going keto.  Check out Ruth’s full report which identifies a few opportunities for improvement while keeping her insulin load down here.

2017-03-09 (3).png



Andy is passionate about diet and fitness and is looking to improve body composition with bodybuilding.  He currently uses a cyclic ketogenic diet with some targeted carbs around workouts.  Andy’s nutrient density has improved vastly by following the recommendations in his first analysis.   Andy says he is finding it harder overeat and is feeling more satiated.  He is also sleeping better.  This first chart shows Andy’s baseline nutritional profile, lacking in eighteen essential nutrients.

2017-03-09 (6).png

This second chart shows Andy’s nutrient profile a fortnight later, lacking in only two nutrients.   Check out Andy’s full report here.

2017-03-09 (5).png


Before and After

Mike tracked his food during his recent Ketogains Boot Camp experience which involved a substantial calorie reduction as well as regular lifting.  Nutrient density becomes even more important when you are restricting your food intake.  Check out Mike’s full report here.

2017-03-09 (8).png

2017-03-11 (11).png



Alber doesn’t have any health issues but is looking to improve his nutrition and maximise nutrient density.  With the help of some targeted supplements Alber is doing pretty well, however, the Nutrient Optimiser still makes some insightful suggestions for further improvement.  Check out Alber’s full report here.

2017-03-09 (10).png



Harry’s goals are leanness and performance as a ketogenically fuelled endurance athlete.   Harry has been using a ketogenic dietary approach for a couple of months and is looking for guidance on optimal food choices to improve health, vitality, energy, sleep, testosterone and performance.

As shown on the right-hand side of this chart, Harry has been able to improve the nutrient density by following the recommendations of Nutrient Optimiser.  He says that higher nutrient density foods have helped him reduce his appetite.


Unfortunately, Harry’s high fat keto dietary approach is still deficient in twenty-five essential nutrients.  Check out Harry’s full report here.

2017-03-09 (11).png



Alex works out three times a week, with intermittent fasting on non-training days.  He is currently about 10 – 11% body fat and is looking to lose a bit more body fat leading up to summer.  Being young (24) and fit Alex is not focussing on blood glucose levels, but rather on losing body fat and nutrient density.  Alex’s analysis demonstrates that he is lacking in only vitamin D.  Check out Alex’s full report here.

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