Nutrition Fingerprint Example


You are Fat Loss Boss

welcome your nutritional alter-ego

Dr. Ketosis

You lower your blood glucose and increase ketones with nutritious foods that have the lowest insulin load to help you conquer any challenge.

Keto Marvel

You normalize your blood glucose levels with nutritious foods with a low insulin load better than anyone!

Resistance Hero

You are the master of normalizing your blood glucose levels with nutritious foods that have a lower insulin load and a lower energy density for permanent fat loss.

Fat Loss Boss

You maximize the nutrient density with high satiety foods for permanent fat loss.


You are the master of maximizing the nutrient density of your food while maintaining a healthy body weight.

Mr. Iron

You maximize the nutrient density and anabolic amino acids of your food for maximal gainz.

Peak Zone Champ

You use high energy density, high nutrient density foods ensure you crush the competition.

day zero - biometrics

Every Fat Loss Boss starts somewhere. Today is the day you take full responsibility of where you are right now. But don’t let it define you. Let it fuel you to work hard towards the next chapter of your life.

In the coming months the Nutrient Optimiser will empower you to maximize the satiety and nutrient density of your food to help you eat less while staying full throughout the day.

92.0 kg
current weight
76 kg
lean body mass
17.0 %
current body fat
2221 kcal
maintenance calories per day

Your current BMI is 27. While BMI can be problematic, an optimal BMI of 24 for males and 26 for females is associated with optimal longevity.


Your current waist:height ratio is 0.46 which suggests you have a healthy level of body fat. However, you may reduce waist:height ratio further to achieve your desired level of body fat, appearance or blood glucose control.


day zero - micronutrient fingerprint

The chart below shows the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids provided by your diet as a proportion of the daily recommended intake (DRI) for each nutrient excluding his supplements.

day zero - nutrient ratios

The graphs below show the key nutrient ratios in your diet. Rather than emphasising nutrients based on your nutrient ratios, the Nutrient Optimiser uses the nutrient ratios as a safety check to make sure that you’re not being recommended any food that will push micronutrient imbalances and to maximise the benefit of your diet. Get more info in this article.

Omega-6 : Omega-3
Zinc : Copper
Potassium : Sodium
Calcium : Magnesium
Iron : Copper
Calcium : Phosphorus

nutrients to prioritize based on Cronometer

nutrient % DRI prioritize
Vitamin D 35% yes
Sodium 70% no
Vitamin E 74% yes
Omega-3 76% yes
Calcium 82% no
Magnesium 88% no
Manganese 92% yes
Potassium 93% yes
Zinc 97% no
Thiamin (B1) 103% yes
Phosphorus 122% no
Folate 125% yes
Copper 167% no

smart macros action plan

The graphs below show your recommended protein, carbs, and fat ranges. While your focus should be on consuming more of the optimized foods and meals, staying within these macronutrient ranges will also help you meet your nutritional goals.

The Smart Macros algorithm provides you with a target calorie range, minimum protein intake, and limits for fat and carbs to ensure you reach your goal.

Your first priority is to lose fat

Your Smart Macros calorie limit starts at 15% below your calculated maintenance intake. We also provide a minimum calorie intake to prevent excessive muscle loss.

Weekly Action Plan


If you are eating less than 1900 and you are not losing at least 0.5% per week, we will decrease your limit by 50 calories per week until you start to lose weight.


If you find you are losing more lean body mass than fat, we will increase your protein intake by 5g each week.


If you are losing more fat than lean mass, we will decrease your protein intake to allow you to focus more on nutrient density (but not below 135 grams).

foods to fuel your superpowers

This a shortlist of foods that are optimal for you, taking into account your metabolic health, nutrient density, and satiety.

recipes to fuel your superpowers

Get a more extensive analysis with our full report.

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