100g (88 calories)

Macronutrients ratio per 100g (88 calories)

This food has high satiety

satiety 66%

low satiety
high satiety
medium satiety

Satiety Boosters

If you are trying to lose weight we created a list of TOP similar foods that will keep your hunger at bay.

How nutritious is this food?

nutrient density


This is a low score if you are trying focus on getting most of the neccessary nutrients in your diet and not consume tons of calories.

Nutrients as % of Recommended Daily Intake per 100 cals

Complementary Nutrient Boosters

We created a complementary food list that will emphasis top 10 nutrients that this food is lacking.

dairy & eggs

  1. egg yolk
  2. whole egg

nuts & seeds

  1. sunflower seeds

fats & oils

  1. cod liver oil

This food is insulinogenic with high insulin load.

Insulinogenic formula determines the percentage of calories in the food that could potentially raise your insulin.

65% of insulinogenic calories

low carb

Keto Boosters

If you are following nutritional or therapeutic ketosis we created a list of TOP similar foods that will keep you in ketosis while improving nutrient density.

This food is a good source of fiber.

Fiber is indigestible carbohydrates. It plays an important role in weight management and our gut microbiome by reduced amounts of inflammatory markers.

passion-fruit has 10.40g of fiber per 100 grams