Top 100 Foods Low In Iron

Data Source: U.S. Agricultural Research Service Food Data Central

Default Ranking - Common Serving Size

Reference Dietary Intake For Iron

18.0 mg
18.0 mg
27.0 mg
10.0 mg
Food Name Common Serving Amount (% RDI)
hazelnut oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
beef tallow per tbsp 0mg (0%)
duck fat per tbsp 0mg (0%)
pears per fruit 2-1/4" high x 2-1/2" dia 0mg (0%)
walnut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
shea nut oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
lard per tbsp 0mg (0%)
palm kernel oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
cod liver oil per tsp 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise, low sodium per tbsp 0mg (0%)
almond oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
non-fat yogurt per cup (8 fl oz) 0mg (0%)
soybean oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
sour cream (fat free) per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
soybean mayonnaise per tbsp 0mg (0%)
grapeseed oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise, imitation per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
butter per pat (1" sq, 1/3" high) 0mg (0%)
peanut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
sunflower oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
coconut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
sour cream per tbsp 0mg (0%)
sour cream (light) per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
human breast milk per fl oz 0mg (0%)
ginger per tsp 0mg (0%)
olives per olive 0mg (0%)
cream cheese per tbsp 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise per tbsp 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise type dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise, fat-free per tbsp 0mg (0%)
blue cheese dressing, fat-free per tbsp 0mg (0%)
blue cheese dressing, light per tbsp 0mg (0%)
egg white per large 0mg (0%)
caesar dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
arugula per leaf 0mg (0%)
sandwich spread per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
cheddar cheese per slice (2/3 oz) 0mg (0%)
coleslaw dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
cream cheese (low fat) per tbsp 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise, low calorie per tbsp 0mg (0%)
creamy dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
sour cream based dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
coleslaw dressing, reduced fat per tbsp 0mg (0%)
thousand island dressing, fat-free per tbsp 0mg (0%)
chives per tbsp chopped 0mg (0%)
gruyere cheese per oz 0mg (0%)
shallots per tbsp 0mg (0%)
Italian dressing, fat-free per tbsp 0mg (0%)
catsup per tbsp 0mg (0%)
french dressing, low cal per tbsp 0mg (0%)
watercress per cup, chopped 0mg (0%)
gouda cheese per oz 0mg (0%)
mayonnaise per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
coriander per cup 0mg (0%)
milk cream mayonnaise per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
Poultry salad sandwich spread per tbsp 0mg (0%)
greek yogurt (low fat) per container (7 oz) 0mg (0%)
poppyseed dressing per tbsp 0mg (0%)
fish roe per tbsp 0mg (0%)
honey mustard per tbsp 0mg (0%)
pork feet per oz 0mg (0%)
blue cheese per oz 0mg (0%)
russian dressing per tbsp 0mg (1%)
cucumber per spear, small 0mg (1%)
pickles per spear, small 0mg (1%)
Italian dressing per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
camembert per oz 0mg (1%)
russian dressing, low cal per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
ranch dressing, reduced fat per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
buttermilk dressing per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
carambola per cup, cubes 0mg (1%)
molluscs per unit 2 large or 5 small 0mg (1%)
bacon per slice raw 0mg (1%)
french dressing, reduced fat per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
sandwich spread, pork per tbsp 0mg (1%)
cream per cup, whipped 0mg (1%)
regular french dressing per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
milk (full fat) per cup 0mg (1%)
honey mustard, low calorie per tbsp (1 serving) 0mg (1%)
edam cheese per oz 0mg (1%)
cabbage per cup, shredded 0mg (1%)
french dressing per tbsp 0mg (1%)
pickle relish per tbsp 0mg (1%)
salami per slice 0mg (1%)
perch per fillet 0mg (1%)
thousand island dressing, low fat per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
grapefruit per cup sections, with juice 0mg (1%)
reduced fat french dressing per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
brie per oz 0mg (1%)
red cabbage per leaf 0mg (1%)
cottage cheese (low fat) per oz 0mg (1%)
ranch dressing, fat-free per tablespoon 0mg (1%)
apples per cup, quartered or chopped 0mg (1%)
chicken breast breaded per piece 0mg (1%)
oranges per cup sections, without membranes 0mg (1%)
halibut per oz 0mg (1%)
swiss cheese per cup, diced 0mg (1%)
limburger cheese per cup 0mg (1%)
cottage cheese with fruit per oz 0mg (1%)
eggplant per cup, cubes 0mg (1%)