Top 100 Foods Low In Sodium

Data Source: U.S. Agricultural Research Service Food Data Central

Default Ranking - Common Serving Size

Reference Dietary Intake For Sodium

1500 mg
1500 mg
1500 mg
1500 mg
Food Name Common Serving Amount (% RDI)
grapeseed oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
hazelnut oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
beef tallow per tbsp 0mg (0%)
grapefruit per cup sections, with juice 0mg (0%)
duck fat per tbsp 0mg (0%)
pears per fruit 2-1/4" high x 2-1/2" dia 0mg (0%)
oranges per cup sections, without membranes 0mg (0%)
peanut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
walnut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
shea nut oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
sunflower oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
lard per tbsp 0mg (0%)
nectarines per cup slices 0mg (0%)
regular french dressing per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
navy beans per cup 0mg (0%)
cod liver oil per tsp 0mg (0%)
hazelnuts per oz 0mg (0%)
rice flour per cup 0mg (0%)
pasta, gluten-free, corn per cup 0mg (0%)
palm kernel oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
almond oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
grapefruit per cup sections, with juice 0mg (0%)
pecans per cup, chopped 0mg (0%)
peaches per cup slices 0mg (0%)
coconut oil per tbsp 0mg (0%)
plums per cup, sliced 0mg (0%)
soybean oil per tablespoon 0mg (0%)
chives per tbsp chopped 0mg (0%)
ginger per tsp 0mg (0%)
shallots per tbsp 1mg (0%)
arugula per leaf 1mg (0%)
coconut cream per tbsp 1mg (0%)
corn, dried per oz 1mg (0%)
wheat bran per cup 1mg (0%)
butternuts per cup 1mg (0%)
raspberries per cup 1mg (0%)
apples per cup, quartered or chopped 1mg (0%)
boysenberries per cup, unthawed 1mg (0%)
limes per fruit (2" dia) 1mg (0%)
blackberries per cup 1mg (0%)
blueberries per cup 1mg (0%)
gooseberries per cup 2mg (0%)
strawberries per cup, halves 2mg (0%)
watermelon per cup, balls 2mg (0%)
apricots per cup, halves 2mg (0%)
chayote per cup (1" pieces) 2mg (0%)
eggplant per cup, cubes 2mg (0%)
mango per cup pieces 2mg (0%)
pineapple per cup, chunks 2mg (0%)
buckwheat per cup 2mg (0%)
apples, raw, without skin per cup slices 2mg (0%)
apples, raw, without skin per cup slices 2mg (0%)
coriander per cup 2mg (0%)
grapes per cup 2mg (0%)
litchis per cup 2mg (0%)
sesame butter per tbsp 2mg (0%)
alfalfa per cup 2mg (0%)
rye flour per cup 2mg (0%)
cranberries per cup, chopped 2mg (0%)
bananas per cup, mashed 2mg (0%)
pumpkin per cup, mashed 2mg (0%)
prunes per cup, pitted 2mg (0%)
tangerine juice per cup 2mg (0%)
walnuts per cup, chopped 3mg (0%)
canned pineapple per cup, crushed, sliced, or chunks 3mg (0%)
summer squash per cup sliced 3mg (0%)
canned pineapple per cup, crushed, sliced, or chunks 3mg (0%)
rye flour per cup 3mg (0%)
pomegrannets per cup arils (seed/juice sacs) 3mg (0%)
carambola per cup, cubes 3mg (0%)
pine nuts per cup 3mg (0%)
potato per cup 3mg (0%)
flax seed per tbsp, whole 3mg (0%)
Oats per cup 3mg (0%)
wheat, soft white per cup 3mg (0%)
rye grain per cup 3mg (0%)
millet, cooked per cup 3mg (0%)
white mushroom per cup, pieces or slices 4mg (0%)
pili nuts per cup 4mg (0%)
tofu per block 4mg (0%)
quince per fruit without refuse 4mg (0%)
sour cream per tbsp 4mg (0%)
oat bran per cup 4mg (0%)
peas per cup, chopped 4mg (0%)
lentils per cup 4mg (0%)
brazil nuts per cup, whole 4mg (0%)
lemongrass per cup 4mg (0%)
Italian dressing per tablespoon 4mg (0%)
shiitake mushroom per cup whole 4mg (0%)
cherries per cup, without pits 5mg (0%)
pasta, whole-wheat per cup spaghetti not packed 5mg (0%)
okra per cup slices 5mg (0%)
reduced fat french dressing per tablespoon 5mg (0%)
rhubarb per cup, diced 5mg (0%)
wild rice per cup 5mg (0%)
pineapple juice, unsweetened per cup 5mg (0%)
grapefruit juice per cup 5mg (0%)
per cup 5mg (0%)
gooseberries, canned per cup 5mg (0%)
human breast milk per fl oz 5mg (0%)