Nutrition Fingerprint

recommended approach

The food and meal lists in this report have been tailored to help Robin get more of the nutrients that she is not currently getting a lot of while also helping her to meet her goal of fat loss with a low insulin load diet.

approach average glucose (mg/dL) average glucose (mmol/L) selected
therapeutic ketosis > 140 > 7.8
diabetes management 108 to 140 6.8 to 7.8
weight loss & blood sugar control 100 to 108 5.4 to 6.0
weight loss < 97 < 5.4
most nutrient dense < 97 < 5.4
nutrient dense maintenance < 97 < 5.4
lean bulking < 97 < 5.4
athletic performance < 97 < 5.4

micronutrient profile

The chart below shows the micronutrients provided by Robin’s diet as a proportion of the daily recommended intake (DRI) for each nutrient (including supplements).

nutrient ratios

The graphs below show the key nutrient ratios in your diet. The Nutrient Optimiser uses these micronutrient ratios to make sure that it does not prioritise nutrients that would drive micronutrient imbalances. Get more info in this article.

Omega-6 : Omega-3
Zinc : Copper
Potassium : Sodium
Calcium : Magnesium
Iron : Copper
Calcium : Phosphorus

nutrients to prioritise

Going forward, we want to prioritise the nutrients that Robin’s current diet is not providing in large quantities. The table below shows the nutrients that Robin is not getting more than 300% of the recommended daily intake from the diet and that are not contraindicated by the nutrient ratios above. We also want to prioritise nutrients that are below 500% DRI for your specific condition: asthma, depression, dyslipedimia, fatigue, hypertension, inflammation, insomnia, headaches, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea.

nutrient % DRI prioritize
Vitamin D 29%
Iron 54%
Manganese 73%
Folate 99%
Panto Acid (B5) 99%
Phosphorus 106%
Calcium 112%
Sodium 115%
Vitamin C 115%
Magnesium 118%
Potassium 121%
Valine 132%
Leucine 133%

optimal foods for you

The foods listed below will provide Robin with the nutrients that she is currently not getting in large amounts while also aligning with her goal of weight loss & blood sugar control . The foods are ranked in descending order of priority (from the top of the page to the bottom).

food name nutrient density energy density insulin load
chicken liver 9.4 1.72 50%
lamb kidney 7.4 1.12 52%
pork liver 7.9 1.65 59%
beef liver 7.7 1.75 60%
beef tripe 6.2 1.03 55%
veal liver 7.1 1.92 55%
lamb liver 5.5 1.68 48%
turkey liver 5.5 1.89 47%
beef kidney 5.9 1.57 52%
lamb lungs 6.1 0.95 58%
lamb heart 4.7 1.61 48%
lamb brains 1.4 1.54 27%
liver sausage 0.4 3.31 13%
lamb sweetbread 2.8 1.44 43%
beef brains -0.5 1.51 22%
beef heart 4.2 1.79 52%
headcheese -1.4 1.57 20%
liverwurst -0.7 3.26 16%
turkey heart 2.0 1.74 47%
liver pate -1.6 3.19 16%
sweetbread -2.6 3.18 12%
blood sausage -2.0 3.79 14%
beef tripe -1.9 0.94 38%
turkey gizzard 1.4 1.55 57%


The macronutrient split of Robin’s diet is shown in the chart below.


Robin’s protein intake is 2.0g/kg LBM or 84g/day.

The average protein intake for all people who have had a Nutrient Optimiser analysis done is 1.9g/kg LBM, with half of the population sitting between 1.4 and 2.5g/kg LBM.

Generally accepted minimum protein intake levels are shown in the table below. Higher levels are required to support lean body mass if you are more muscular and/or more active.

The table below shows how Robin’s current protein intake compares to these accepted minimum protein intake levels based on her current lean body mass.

scenario % calories g/kg LBM for you (g/day)
minimum (starvation) ~6% 0.4 17
RDI/sedentary ~11% 0.8 34
typical ~16% 1.2 51
minimum nutrient optimiser ~24% 1.8 77
Robin 21% 1.96 84

macro targets

The table below shows the minimum effective dose of protein and fat required to achieve a reasonable level of nutrition. These ranges should be entered in Cronometer as a guide. Robin’s focus should be on maximising the nutrient dense foods and meals noted in this report, however these macronutrient targets be a useful starting point.

macros lower limit upper limit
protein (g) 77 160
fat (g) 17 87
carbs (g) 0 81
energy (calories) 460 1207

These initial recommendations are based on theoretical calorie intakes. Going forward the Nutrient Optimiser Smart Macros will adjust your macros on a weekly basis to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

net carbs, insulin load, insulinogenic calories

Robin’s food diary indicates she is eating 1560 calories per day with an insulin load of 120g/day and with 31% insulinogenic calories.

Insulin load is influenced by the amount of carbohydrate, protein and fibre. Lower levels can stabilise blood sugars. However, a very low insulin load diet can compromise nutrient density.

The table below shows the % insulinogenic and insulin load (based on Robin’s average calorie intake) for the Standard American Diet (SAD), the average of all people who have had their Nutrient Optimiser analysis done as well as typical levels for people managing diabetes and therapeutic ketosis.

approach % insulinogenic insulin load (g) net carbs (g)
typical SAD 54% 338 281
average optimiser 29% 165 73
LCHF 25% 156 63
therapeutic keto 15% 94 31
Robin 31% 120 73

daily nutrient score

The chart below shows a comparison of the nutrient density of Robin’s food log based on the harder to find 50% of the essential nutrients. Robin’s most nutrient dense day is February 22 2018 while her least nutrient-dense day is January 04 2019.

best and worst days

Robin’s food diary for the best and worst days are shown below for comparison. Robin should try to eat more of the foods towards the top and less of the ones towards the bottom of these tables.

Best Day

food name energy (kcal)
Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 10
Keto Labs Omega 3 10

Worst Day

food name energy (kcal)
NOW Ultra Omega-3 (Robin) 20
Coffee, Prepared From Grounds 5
Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened 2
Cinnamon, Ground 2
Coffee creamer, powder, sugar free 158
Cream, Fluid, Heavy Whipping 102
Zhou Collagen Peptides ~Unflavored Hydrolyzed Protein 40
Tomato Raw, Includes Cherry, Grape, Roma 8
String Cheese 84
Sparkling water, artificially sweetened 1
Whataburger, sandwich, patty melt, Whataburger 940
Tomato Raw, Includes Cherry, Grape, Roma 7
Lettuce, Iceberg 2
Lindt, Lindor, Milk Chocolate Truffles 306

diet log analysis

Insulin Load (g)

Insulinogenic Calories (%)

Net Carbs (g)

Protein (g)

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