Nutrition Fingerprint

recommended approach

The food and meal lists in this report have been tailored to help Vilo get more of the nutrients that he is not currently getting a lot of while also helping him to meet his goal of building muscle.

approach average glucose (mg/dL) average glucose (mmol/L) selected
therapeutic ketosis > 140 > 7.8
diabetes management 108 to 140 6.8 to 7.8
weight loss & blood sugar control 100 to 108 5.4 to 6.0
weight loss < 97 < 5.4
most nutrient dense < 97 < 5.4
nutrient dense maintenance < 97 < 5.4
lean bulking < 97 < 5.4
athletic performance < 97 < 5.4

micronutrient profile

The chart below shows the micronutrients provided by Vilo’s diet as a proportion of the daily recommended intake (DRI) for each nutrient (including supplements).

nutrient ratios

The graphs below show the key micronutrient ratios in your diet. The Nutrient Optimiser uses the micronutrient ratios as a safety check to make sure that you’re emphasising foods or meals that might worsen these micronutrient imbalances. For more details about micronutrient ratios check out article.

Omega-6 : Omega-3
Zinc : Copper
Potassium : Sodium
Calcium : Magnesium
Iron : Copper
Calcium : Phosphorus

nutrients to prioritise

Going forward, we want to prioritise the micronutrients that Vilo’s is not getting a lot of. These are highlighted in the table below.

nutrient % DRI prioritize
Potassium 93%
Sodium 103%
Omega-3 113%
Vitamin E 116%
Magnesium 125%
Zinc 132%
Folate 152%
Panto Acid (B5) 155%
Thiamin (B1) 165%
Vitamin B6 165%
Niacin (B3) 175%

optimal foods for you

The foods listed below will provide Vilo with the nutrients that he is currently not getting in large amounts while also aligning with his goal of lean bulking . The foods are ranked in descending order of priority (from the top of the page to the bottom).


The macronutrient split of Vilo’s diet is shown in the chart below.

macro targets

While Vilo’s primary focus should be on nutrient density, the table below shows the macro ranges required to achieve a reasonable level of nutrition. These ranges can be entered in Cronometer as a guide.

macros lower limit upper limit
protein (g) 130 235
fat (g) 30 165
carbs (g) 0 135
energy (calories) 2300

Going forward the Nutrient Optimiser Smart Macros will adjust your macros on a weekly basis to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

daily nutrient score

The chart below shows a comparison of the nutrient density of Vilo’s food log based on the harder to find 50% of the essential nutrients. Vilo’s most nutrient dense day is January 25 2019 while his least nutrient-dense day is January 22 2019.

best and worst days

Vilo’s food diary for the best and worst days are shown below for comparison. Vilo should try to eat more of the foods towards the top and less of the ones towards the bottom of these tables.

Note: If you don't see worst and best days please upload your servings.csv file from Cronometer. Cronometer API doesn't allow individual foods to be imported.

Best Day

food name energy (kcal)
Raw Egg 310
Shrimp, Cooked from Fresh 129
Quark 148
Harzbube, Handkäse, Edelschimmel 125
Sargento, String Cheese, Light Mozzarella 129
Alpro, Soya Yogurt, Vanilla 281
Butter, Unsalted 22
Pumpkin Seed Oil 88
Piškóty 89
Corn, Yellow, Canned, Drained 67
Pumpkin or Squash Seeds, Shelled, Unsalted 86
Walnuts 131
Baguette 326
Sunflower Seeds, Raw 88
Raspberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 31
Avocado, Green Skin, Florida Type 108
Dole, Salad Mix, Field Greens 35
Garlic, Fresh 15
Red Bell Peppers, Raw 28
Tomato Raw, Includes Cherry, Grape, Roma 14
Tomato Raw, Includes Cherry, Grape, Roma 18
Yellow Bell Pepper, Raw 22
Corn, Yellow, Canned, Drained 67
Heinz, Ketchup 40
Honey mustard dressing, reduced calorie 30
Scitec Nutrition, 100% Whey Protein, Strawberry Flavored 78
Scitec Nutrition, 100% Whey Protein, Vanilla 78

Worst Day

food name energy (kcal)
Raw Egg 240
Avocado, Black Skin, California Type 159
Tomato Raw, Includes Cherry, Grape, Roma 18
Bread, Wheat, Toasted 266
Pork, Smoked or Cured, Ham, Low Sodium, Lean, Cooked 203
Heinz, Tomato Ketchup 60
Ja, Harzer Cheese 63
Garlic, Fresh 15
Scitec Nutrition, Whey Isolate 70
Scitec Nutrition, 100% Casein Complex, Belgian Chocolate 71
Pepsi Max, European 1
One, Protein Bar, Maple Glazed Donut 176
Oatmeal, Regular or Quick, Dry 227
Milk, 2% Fat, Reduced Fat 250
Milk, 1 % Fat, Lowfat 105
Blueberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 77
Raspberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 52
Blackberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 32
Strawberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 18
Raspberries, Frozen, Unsweetened 26
Poppy Seeds 26
Cinnamon, Ground 6
PEScience, Select Protein Powder, Snickerdoodle 110
Walnuts 131
Alpro, Soya Yogurt, Vanilla 281
Madeta, Tvaroh, Half Fat 238
Lindt, Excellence Bar, 70% Cocoa Smooth Dark 188
PEScience, Select Protein Powder, Snickerdoodle 71
Piškóty 189
Goji Berries, Dried 52

diet log analysis

Insulin Load (g)

Insulinogenic Calories (%)

Net Carbs (g)

Protein (g)

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