Top 100 Foods Low In Vitamin K

Data Source: U.S. Agricultural Research Service Food Data Central

Default Ranking - Common Serving Size

Reference Dietary Intake For Vitamin K

120 µg
90 µg
90 µg
90 µg
Food Name Common Serving Amount (% RDI)
mayonnaise per tbsp 0µg (0%)
scallop per oz 0µg (0%)
sour cream (fat free) per tablespoon 0µg (0%)
turkey per oz 0µg (0%)
coconut water per cup 0µg (0%)
rotisserie chicken back per oz 0µg (0%)
pork (lean) per oz 0µg (0%)
corn flour, masa per cup 0µg (0%)
Poultry salad sandwich spread per tbsp 0µg (0%)
pork shoulder per oz 0µg (0%)
rice flour per cup 0µg (0%)
cottage cheese (low fat) per oz 0µg (0%)
guten free pasta per cup spaghetti 0µg (0%)
egg white per large 0µg (0%)
rotisserie chicken drumstick per drumstick 0µg (0%)
bacon per slice raw 0µg (0%)
roast pork per oz 0µg (0%)
canned tangerines per cup 0µg (0%)
beef tallow per tbsp 0µg (0%)
yeast extract spread per tsp 0µg (0%)
turkey liver per liver cooked 0µg (0%)
ground turkey per oz 0µg (0%)
grapefruit per cup sections, with juice 0µg (0%)
portabella mushrooms per cup sliced 0µg (0%)
pork stomach, cooked per oz 0µg (0%)
rice noodles per cup 0µg (0%)
almond butter per tbsp 0µg (0%)
apple juice per cup 0µg (0%)
rockfish per fillet 0µg (0%)
blood sausage per slices 0µg (0%)
pork loin per oz 0µg (0%)
white mushroom per cup, pieces or slices 0µg (0%)
salami per slice 0µg (0%)
ground pork per oz grilled patties 0µg (0%)
turkey per oz with bone, cooked (yield after bone removed) 0µg (0%)
sesame seeds per cup 0µg (0%)
beef tripe per serving 0µg (0%)
brazil nuts per cup, whole 0µg (0%)
turkey gizzard per gizzard cooked 0µg (0%)
rotisserie chicken thigh w. skin per thigh 0µg (0%)
pork feet per oz 0µg (0%)
turkey breast per slice 0µg (0%)
tangerine juice per cup 0µg (0%)
lard per tbsp 0µg (0%)
almonds per cup whole kernels 0µg (0%)
egg noodles per cup 0µg (0%)
leg ham per oz 0µg (0%)
grapefruit juice per cup 0µg (0%)
molluscs per unit 2 large or 5 small 0µg (0%)
pork sausage per patty 0µg (0%)
pork ribs per oz 0µg (0%)
quinoa per cup 0µg (0%)
pasta from corn flour per cup spaghetti packed 0µg (0%)
rotisserie chicken thigh per thigh 0µg (0%)
carambola per cup, cubes 0µg (0%)
lobster per cup 0µg (0%)
pork chops per oz 0µg (0%)
corn-starch per cup 0µg (0%)
shiitake mushroom per cup whole 0µg (0%)
pork ribs per rack 0µg (0%)
oranges per cup sections, without membranes 0µg (0%)
cornmeal per cup 0µg (0%)
duck fat per tbsp 0µg (0%)
Noodles, egg, enriched, cooked per cup 0µg (0%)
non-fat yogurt per cup (8 fl oz) 0µg (0%)
turkey heart per heart 0µg (0%)
chicken liver per liver 0µg (0%)
guanabana nectar per cup 0µg (0%)
roast ham per cup 0µg (0%)
turkey per oz (1 serving) 0µg (0%)
peanuts per cup, chopped 0µg (0%)
halibut per oz 0µg (0%)
ginger per tsp 0µg (0%)
blue cheese dressing, fat-free per tbsp 0µg (0%)
fish roe per tbsp 0µg (0%)
herring per oz, boneless 0µg (0%)
haddock per oz, boneless 0µg (0%)
shallots per tbsp 0µg (0%)
cream cheese (low fat) per tbsp 0µg (0%)
olives per olive 0µg (0%)
perch per fillet 0µg (0%)
pollock per fillet 0µg (0%)
sour cream (light) per tablespoon 0µg (0%)
trout per fillet 0µg (0%)
whiting per fillet 0µg (0%)
coconut oil per tbsp 0µg (0%)
octopus per oz 0µg (0%)
salmon per oz 0µg (0%)
beef brains per oz 0µg (0%)
crayfish per oz 0µg (0%)
sturgeon per oz 0µg (0%)
human breast milk per fl oz 0µg (0%)
peanut oil per tbsp 0µg (0%)
caviar per tbsp 0µg (0%)
peanut butter per tbsp 0µg (0%)
cod per oz 0µg (0%)
flounder per fillet 0µg (0%)
white fish per cup, cooked 0µg (0%)
caesar dressing per tbsp 0µg (0%)
jerusalem-artichokes per cup slices 0µg (0%)